The Dome Restaurant Bar Lounge


The Dome is different.

On the surface, we're a Latin Fusion Caviar Bar with award-winning food. At our core, we're proud to be the first and only LEED certified restaurant in the Gables with access to our own local organic garden. And while we're obviously committed to eco-friendly, sustainable dining, our true passion is in creation.

Using only the freshest ingredients, we cultivate unique flavor combinations. From caviar-topped cold water oysters to short rib ravioli in a blueberry reduction sauce - every dish on our advanced digital menus is unique and marked by a subtle Latin twist. Experience a different kind of dining.

The Dome Luxury Baskets  

Send the luxurious taste of the Dome Caviar Bar™ with The Dome Luxury Caviar Gift Basket! Our Ultimate Basket features our finest international trio selection of KALUGA, Russian Ossetra, and Royal Siberian Caviar, Veuve Clicquot®, toast, Godiva Gems®, a stunning mother of pearl caviar dish with two spoons, two crystal flutes, and our Unique Basket display (beautiful customized décor for special occasions). Our Supreme Basket features a trio selection of White sturgeon, Hackleback, and Paddle Fish.

Ultimate Basket - $480

  • Kaluga caviar
  • Russian Ossetra Caviar
  • Royal Siberian Caviar
  • Veuve Clicquot® Brut Yellow
    Label (750 ml)
  • Godiva Gems® (2.6 oz.)
  • Toast crackers
  • 1 Mother of Pearl caviar dish
  • 2 Mother of Pearl caviar spoons
  • 2 crystal champagne flutes

Supreme Basket - $380

  • White Sturgeon caviar
  • Hackleback caviar
  • Paddle Fish caviar
  • Veuve Clicquot® Brut Yellow
    Label (750 ml)
  • Godiva Gems® (2.6 oz.)
  • Toast crackers
  • 1 Mother of Pearl caviar dish
  • 2 Mother of Pearl caviar spoons
  • 2 crystal champagne flutes
The Dome Caviar Baskets  

Send the luxurious taste of the Dome Caviar Bar™ with The Dome Caviar Gift Basket! Our Ultimate Caviar Basket features our finest Russian Ossetra Caviar, toast, Godiva Gems®, a stunning mother of pearl caviar dish with two spoons, and our Unique Basket display (beautiful customized décor for special occasions). Our Supreme Caviar Basket features our finest Hackleback Caviar.

Ultimate Caviar - $250

  • Russian Ossetra Caviar (1 oz.)
  • Godiva Gems® (2.6 oz.)
  • Toast crackers
  • 1 Mother of Pearl caviar dish
  • 2 Mother of Pearl caviar spoons

Supreme Caviar - $180

  • Hackleback caviar (1 oz.)
  • Godiva Gems® (2.6 oz.)
  • Toast crackers
  • 1 Mother of Pearl caviar dish
  • 2 Mother of Pearl caviar spoons
Mother of Pearl Caviar Set $60  

With unique gift display

Send the luxurious gift of The Dome Caviar Bar™ with The Dome Caviar Gift plate set! Featuring our finest mother of pearl caviar dish with two spoons, and our Unique Basket display (beautiful customized décor for special occasions).

Mother of Pearl Caviar Set $48

With no gift wrapping

Send the luxurious gift of The Dome Caviar Bar™ with The Dome Caviar Gift plate set! Featuring our finest mother of pearl caviar dish with two spoons. Comes in a velvet pouch.

Farmed Aquacultured Caviar - Market Price May Vary

Caspian Caviar - $290 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our finest caviar has a smooth buttery flavor with nutty overtones. These special eggs are small and pearly grained with a color range of slate gray to black.

Kaluga - $155 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our Kaluga Caviar is the closest you can get to the Beluga Caviar. This unique caviar has an exciting nutty flavor. Its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear glossy finish.

Russian Ossetra - $105 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our Russian Ossetra has a nutty flavor and a firm texture. Its color varies from medium to dark brown.

Royal Siberian Ossetra - $85 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our Siberian Ossetra caviar has a rich, sweet, and nutty flavor. Its color is dark brown with firm texture.

White Sturgeon Caviar - $75 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our White Sturgeon caviar has a smooth flavor and is medium in size and texture. Its color varies in dark shades of brown.

Hackelback Caviar - $40 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our American Sturgeon Hackleback shares some of the characteristics of Siberian Ossetra, such as a rich nutty taste and a sweet salty finish. These eggs are small, dark, firm, and have a smooth buttery flavor.

American Paddlefish - $36 (1 oz./28 gr.)  

Our Paddlefish caviar resembles the Sevruga Sturgeon of the Caspian Sea, although the size of the roe can be slightly smaller. Its color ranges from dark gray to black.

Vegan/Kelp Caviar (4 oz.) $35  

This caviar resembles Russian caviar in size, color and appearance. This exclusive caviar is made from seaweed and does not contain any animal or fish products. Your choice of white sturgeon or salmon flavored.

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Rachel Dominguez


Inspired by her Cuban-Russian heritage, Rachel Dominguez's passions for the flavors of Latin America and the delicacy of caviar have led to the development of Coral Gables' The Dome Restaurant · Bar · Lounge. Between Rachel's time in South Florida and her world travels throughout Europe and the Orient, she has immersed herself in an abundance of different cultures which have inspired her to draw in the spirit of Miami swank, European industrial, and New York flair to The Dome, while bringing the tastes of Latin America to the table.

In addition to being the only Latin American fusion and caviar bar in the heart of Coral Gables' prestigious Miracle Mile, Rachel's passion for the environment and green initiatives have enabled The Dome to become a Silver LEED Certified Eco-friendly restaurant. Rachel hopes that the time, effort, and dedication in certifying The Dome as LEED Certified will help show her children and her community an example of how everyone can make a difference in preserving our world for future generations.

"I hope everyone who comes to The Dome Restaurant · Bar · Lounge will feel like they are a welcomed guest in my home and will remember the special moments they shared with friends, family, and colleagues while dining on delectable food and drinks."
Warmest Regards, Rachel Dominguez

A big THANK YOU to the Team Behind The Inspiration

Branding, Website Design, iPad Menu Development
Jeremy Entin & Vain Eudes, Whitespace Creative, LLC

Llorente Architects, Inc.
Alberto Llorente, RA, NCARB, LEED AP

Foster Construction Group, Inc.
Christopher J. Foster, Principal

General Hotel and Restaurant Supply Group Corp.
Glenda Simon, ASID, CFSP, IDG
Director of Hospitality Design

Joe Santos, CFSP
Director of Engineering

Enith M. Lam
Design Associate

LEED Project Managers
Marile Borino, Electrical Engineer, LEED AP BD+C
Edwin Cerna, Professional Engineer, LEED AP BD+C

Business Plan Development
Vahe' Gabriel

Emile Amedee, Civil Engineer

The Workshop, LLC
Maile Rodriguez-Gamez
Communications Director

Jourdan Binder
Managing partner

Florida Liquor Licensing Associates
Rosie Gonzalez
Alcoholic Beverage License Consultants

NM Commercial Realty
Nicole Messer, Broker

Malloy & Malloy, P.A.
Oliver A. Ruiz, Attorney-at-Law

Contreras, Jonasez, & Camacho P.A.
Ana Maria Camacho, P.A.

Entin & Della Fera, P.A.
Monika H. Entin, P.A.
Joshua M. Entin, P.A.

Dedicated to my little angels Raquel and Andre
Te amo! ♥ Rachel


Executive Chef
Nilton Castillo


The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar is proud to announce the start of their new executive chef Nilton Castillo. Chef Nilton, who has worked with Chef Jose Andres at The Bazaar at SLS Hotel South Beach, brings over ten years experience and new exciting local flavors to the already opulent menu at The Dome.

Originally from Peru, Chef Nilton moved to the United States in 1996. After graduating from Johnson and Wales University, and with more than a decade spent in the culinary world, Chef Nilton has had the rare opportunity to further his skills under some of the most notable names in the industry. When working as Chef de Partie with Chef Daniel Boulud at Bistro Moderne, the award winning chef hailed Nilton's ceviche as "the best ever". Most recently, Chef Nilton has cooked with Chef Jose Andres at The Bazaar at SLS Hotel South Beach. Through his classical French training, Chef Nilton Castillo continues to create Peruvian infused modern cuisine and will introduce a variety of unique and craftily prepared dishes to The Dome's selection.

"We are excited to have Chef Nilton take the lead in our kitchen," said Rachel Dominguez, owner of The Dome. "He shares in The Dome's vision of a sustainable future and a long love and passion for food. Chef Nilton brings with him a wealth of experience and an impressive resume. We feel privileged to have him as part of the team and look forward to the unique and wonderful memories he will create for our guests."

In February of 2013, The Dome launched "The Culinary Youth Project", a first of its kind foundation that's purpose is to educate South Florida youth on farming locally sourced organic food. For its first project, The Dome partnered with Ready-to-Grow Gardens and the culinary arts program at Coral Gables High School, of which Chef Nilton was a graduate, to create a student-run edible garden that will enhance the restaurant's menu while providing the necessary tools for an enriching hands-on educational experience.

The Culinary Youth Project

The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar, Coral Gables' LEED Silver certified environmentally friendly garden-to-table eatery, is proud to announce the launch of "The Culinary Youth Project", a first of its kind foundation that's purpose is to educate South Florida youth on farming locally sourced organic food. For its first project, The Dome has partnered with Ready-to-Grow Gardens and the culinary arts program at Coral Gables High School to create a student-run edible garden that will enhance the restaurant's menu while providing the necessary tools for an enriching hands-on educational experience.

Visit for more information.

Vodka and Yuca Croquetas: A Perfect SoBeWFF Pairing - Miami New Times


Food and wine pairings have been a big thing for years. Beer and wine pairings have become increasingly common. Scotch pairings: you've at least heard of them. But vodka? You probably didn't know that people were into that outside of Russia or Poland. Well, sorry to break it to you, but it's a thing you probably don't know about. As part of the Bank of America Lifestyle Seminars at the Shelbourne, Dome Caviar & Cocktails, executive chef Marsh Orosco and the Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim gave out some tips on executing a proper vodka pairing.

According to Orosco, "When you're working with spirits, you need to pair the food with the spirit--not the other way around. I'm one of those chefs who likes to learn the spirit first and then pick the menu."


The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar: One Year In -


The Coral Gables farm-to-table eatery, The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on February 3. Located on 271 Miracle Mile, the environmentally conscious restaurant serves Latin-American fusion dishes using fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Owner Rachel Dominguez brings to the table her Cuban-Russian heritage, her love of caviar and an eco-friendly dining approach. Eater spoke with Dominguez about one year in at the restaurant and what's making it successful.

How did The Dome come to be?

From the beginning I knew I wanted to open an environmentally responsible restaurant and share my love of caviar with the world. It has been an incredible experience building a green restaurant from the ground up and I'm extremely proud to offer our guests an Eco-friendly dining experience with a unique menu inspired by a twist on Latin flavors and quality aqua-cultured caviar.


Burgerliscious Coral Gables


Caviar Hot Spots -


Last week, Coral Gables restaurant The Dome launched an exclusive line of vegan caviar (made of seaweed) in conjunction with new summer menu items. Traditionalists will prefer the caviar small plates and platters, though. Start with caviar-topped oysters and smoked salmon rolls and then splurge on a platter of Caspian or Kaluga caviar. Platters are served with creme fraiche, truffle scrambled eggs, toast points, and blini. 271 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, 305-648-4999.


Feast on caviar, vegan & seasonal dishes at The Dome -


The Dome salutes summer with a light & lean menu expansion. Head to the Gables outpost for vegan caviar (made entirely from seaweed & available in salmon or white sturgeon flavors), gluten-free & vegan eats and new seasonal menu offerings. New menu items include vegan pasta with caviar, gazpacho, dup of scallops and Maryland blue crab cakes.


El caviar en la gastronomia de fusion - El Nuevo Herald


El caviar es para los sibaritas como el diamante para los amantes de las joyas, un caro y escaso simbolo de status y de gusto refinado. El autentico se obtiene de las huevas frescas, no fecundadas, preferiblemente de tres especies del esturion hembra, el beluga, el ossetra y el sevruga, que habitan en mayores cantidades en el Mar Caspio.

La chef Marsha Orozco, de The Dome, reinventa las populares croquetas, usando la masa de yuca empanizada y frita en vez de pescado, carne o fiambres y salsa bechamel, que llevan las tradicionales. Las croquetas de yuca son guarnecidas con crema fresca y caviar de pez espatula ( paddle fish caviar); el matrimonio es perfecto pues el sabor neutral de la yuca se encarga de atenuar el sabor del marisco, al mismo tiempo que el caviar realza el de la yuca.


Bite with Belkys on Channel 7 WSVN


Kitchen Inquisition: Marsha Orosco -


Years ago, Chef Marsha Orosco made a choice between corporate America and where her heart truly lies--- cooking. We'd say she made the right choice.

Whoever says the culinary arts is a boys' club clearly hasn't met Marsha Orosco. Taking the kitchen head-on at The Dome Restaurant and Caviar Bar, she's an award-winning chef who brings passion, creativity, and over a decade's worth of culinary experience to the table (no pun intended). She's held previous posts at Morton's Steakhouse and Norman's, as well as a number of restaurants from South Florida to Atlanta. Marsha had no idea what would happen when she decided to leave corporate America for the kitchen, like that she would be voted Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, or that she and her recipes would be featured in magazines locally and abroad; but she definitely proved one more thing--- she can definitely hang with the boys.


Haute Event: Body & Soul's Grand Opening Celebration -


The all-new Body & Soul is back, "bigger, better and stronger" than ever before. And to celebrate the rebirth of the iconic Coral Gables fitness facility, Haute Living, Voli Light Vodka and The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar are joining forces with gym owners Alex and Carolina Pirez for a Grand Opening celebration.


Chat Chow: Rachel Dominguez -


Celebrity Sightings -


Romero Britto and Ingrid Hoffman were each spotted at Mondrian South Beach Wednesday night - the two were at the hotel for separate, private events. The artist attended a private dinner with Bank of America executives while the chef and TV personality was the guest of honor at the BlackBerry Fan Night event attended by several of the brand's top Miami fans. Guests were invited to delight in cocktails and tapas prepared by Asia de Cuba Executive Sous Chef Nicolas Walker while experimenting with the BlackBerry Playbook tablet's cutting edge capabilities.

Salvatore Ferragamo, grandson of the famous shoe designer, who owns Il Borro wines, hosted an exclusive wine tasting at Rachel Dominguez's restaurant, The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar on Tuesday night.


J'Adore le Nouveau Roche Bobois -


Roche Bobois and MIAMI magazine, in partnership with United Way Miami-Dade, invited guests to J'Adore le Nouveau Roche Bobois, an exclusive event in celebration of the unveiling of the newly renovated Coral Gables showroom. Attendees enjoyed cocktails courtesy of Stoli Elit and bites courtesy of The Dome.


The Dome brings caviar & loungey Latin American fusion to Coral Gables -


The goods: The Gables welcomes its first caviar bar and LEED silver-certified restaurant as The Dome brings loungey Latin American fusion to Miracle Mile.

Ambience: Eco chic. The narrow, buzzing space is green head to toe - iPad menus, tabletops made from recycled paper, reflective roofing, recycled leather banquettes and LED lighting. The eclectic crowd eats, drinks and mingles - it's a neighborhood spot in the making.

The Grub: Latin American fusion and caviar. Executive chef Marsha Orosco emphasizes seasonal, locally sourced ingredients in salads, soups, small plates and entrees. Small plates average $9-$15, entrees $21-$35 and sides $5-$7.


Miracle Mile just got a whole lot sexier with The Dome -


Take her for french fries and milkshakes and she'll think you barely bothered.

Caviar and cocktails? Hot and bothered.

Meet Miami's newest (and only) caviar bar, The Dome, the sexiest place to hit Miracle Mile since, well, ever.

Everything from the bronzed tiled walls to the dome-shaped lighting to the Warhol-insired art makes this place hip enough to bring that girl you met over at the RDZ Fine Art gallery.

Start with a drink at the bar made of recycled materials and coco palm tree trunks which looks cool and is eco-friendly - not to mention the perfect conversation starter.


The Dome Debuts - What's Happening, Coral Gables?


Dome Sweet Dome: A Caviar Enclave in The Gables -


Today, we're taking you to a magical wonderland.

A place where caviar gets full run of the bar. A place where truffles cozy up to your mac and cheese. Where vodka comes equipped with its own mallet.

As you've probably guessed, we're heading to the Gables.

Introducing The Dome, a tony sanctuary of caviar, bacon-wrapped shrimp and mezcal cocktails, opening tomorrow in Coral Gables.

Your play: an intimate sixth date. Your spot: one of two cushioned alcoves flanking the entrance. Your fellow diner: Andy Warhol. (Well, there's a picture of him hamming it up with Chanel models, from the owner's personal collection. Close enough.)


Being green just got easy, and delicious -


Proving you can achieve a suitable ecostasis level without Pauly Shore and Billy Baldwin's little brother, The Dome is an eco-friendly (the first LEED Silver-certified resto in Gables) farm-to-table eatery from a local caviar lover, who filled the interior with old stuff that's been morphed into less-old, more badass-ly modern stuff, including recycled mirror walls, a giant bar crafted from quartz and palm tree trunks, and patio furniture made from old milk jugs, which (double-entendre spoiler alert!) Harvey never got to grow because he was mowed down while his body fat was still around 2%.


LEED Silver Certified The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar -


The Dome Restaurant, Bar & Lounge bills itself as an "environmentally conscious farm-to-table eatery . . . serving innovative Latin American fusion dishes, with an emphasis on seasonal, fresh and locally sourced ingredients." As for that certification, it comes via the utilization of recycled materials (patio furniture made out of recycled milk jugs, recycled quartz bar, etc.), local farm vendors, an induction kitchen, LED lighting, green operation methods and digital menus on iPads. But back to the food: chef Marsha Orosco, formerly of Council Oak Steakhouse in Hollywood and Morton's The Steakhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, has, she says, "created a menu that is a wholly unique interpretation of traditional Latin American cuisine with a Caribbean twist. My goal was to create dishes that were inventive, yet elegant. Our ingredients are some of the freshest in the city. The produce and seafood are sourced from local markets and fishermen. We care very much about our environmental footprint at The Dome." In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant's caviar bar offers farm-raised acquacultured caviar served by the ounce.


The Dome restaurant brings eco-friendly Latin American & a caviar bar to Coral Gables -


The Gables welcomes its first LEED Silver certified restaurant January 2012 as The Dome opens on Miracle Mile. Look for "innovative Latin American fusion," the area's first caviar bar and seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Chef Marsha Orosco (Morton's, Council Oak Steakhouse, Season's 52) is partnering with owner Rachel Dominguez to offer up a menu featuring chopped salads & soups, small plates, Latin-inspired entrees and an international caviar selection. Highlights include crepes with Nova Scotia smoked salmon, guava glazed breaded cod, braised short ribs, Cuban sliders and cold water oysters.

The Dome goes green with recycled materials, local ingredients, an induction kitchen, LED lighting and digital menus - feast without leaving a carbon footprint. Current scheduled opening date is Jan 28, 2012.


Today's Specials

Chef Niltons Soup Of The Day $8

Creamy Carrot Ginger Soup with Goat Cheese and Cilantro Crema.

Shrimp Ceviche $14

Pico De Gallo, Jalapeno, Crispy Yucca.

BBQ Pork Pizza $12

Aji Panca Pork, Caramelized Onions, Scallions, White Cheddar.

Grilled Chicken $18

Sweet Potato Puree, Yucca Croquetta, Chicken Jus.

Golden Brown Mahi $24

Creamy Orzo, Spinach, Sudado Sauce.

Parillada Mixta $36

Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Pork, Maduros.

Richlite® Materials

Both our tables and the Spectaular Dome which suspends over the bar are made out of Richlite® materials. Richlite® materials are made with either FSC-certified or post-consumer recycled paper. This paper has been pressed together with a unique process that results in the creation of Richlite®, which resembles a solid looking piece of wood.

Interactive iPad Menus

The Dome Restaurant practices a variety of environmentally sustainable methods and by utilizing iPad menus, The Dome has eliminated the need for the wasteful use of paper.

Kitchen Equipment

All kitchen equipment is certified as ENERGY STAR compliant. The Dome Restaurant's cook line operates with induction cooking methods that reduce heat and the demand for gas and other natural resources.

ASTEC® Re-Ply™ Roofing

The Dome Restaurant uses ASTEC® Re-Ply™ reflective roofing not only for the restaurant, but also for the entire building. ASTEC® Re-Ply™ is a sustainable ENERGY STAR roofing system that reduces heat in the building up to 60% and also reduces energy costs up to 30%.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

All of the lighting in The Dome is generated by either LED or Compact Fluorescent light bulbs.

Mirrored Walls

The Dome's mirrored walls are created by a local manufacturer who recycles discarded mirrors.

The Dome Bar

Our bar tops are made of both recycled paper and concrete, the base is composed of biodegradable coco palm tree trunks, and the cabinets are constructed from biodegradable coco palm tree trunks.

Energy-Saving Rest Rooms

The Dome's rest rooms have both hands free and automatic turn off systems for all LED lights, toilets, hand dryers and sinks, which in turn reduces the consumption of both energy and water usage.

Green Practices

The Dome is proud to engage in a variety of environmentally friendly practices. Some examples are:

  • Non-Toxic Pest Control
  • All paints used in The Dome are non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Non-chemical janitorial services
  • We recycle as much waste as possible
  • Usage of local farm vendors, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint on delivery

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